mon double - TIGER EYE

150 €

Double bracelet.


Two possible lengths : 19,50 cm and 20,50 cm.

Composition : Tiger eye – Rose wood – Zarmack

Length : 19,50 cm – 20,50 cm

Diameter : 6 mm

Each piece is created and handcrafted by artist Tita Mercurio. Its color and shape may therefore vary.

To measure your wrist, you can use a tape meter. Wrap your tape measure around the wrist to which you will wear your bracelet. Enter the number shown at the meeting point between the 0 and the ribbon. For confortable wear, add 1,50 cm. You can then add or remove centimeters depending on the type of port you like (confortable, exact size, tight). The average size of a woman’s bracelet is 16 cm; The average size of a male bracelet is 19 cm. If your size is not available, contact us !

To preserve all the soul and shine of your unique piece, we invite you to preserve it from any abrasive or corrosive substances and from alcohol and aqueous solutions.


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